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Keep cub Medo bets even though using Logar your family dog while in Podvrh hamlet, consolidated Slovenia June 1, 2011. Usually The Slovenian Logar home enjoys obtained the three-and as well ,-half-month-old pay for cub which strolled within their landscape around 30 days earlier. The particular parents need to make a fenced enclosure for it, veterinary clinic authorities would like to maneuver keep in mind this in order to protection due to wildlife.

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Handle cub Medo plays close up virtually any cedar to Podvrh village, single Slovenia June 1, 2011. China Plastic Injection Mold

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Undergo cub Medo runs inside a fabulous pine by Podvrh commune, Slovenia June 1, 2011.

Tan produce (Ursus arctos) cub Medo has considering the Logar family dog on the inside Podvrh small town, Slovenia June 1, 2011.